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Corporate Social Responsibility


Hamilton Safe Company and its Management have long considered it our responsibility to our employees, community, customers, and environment to be socially and professionally responsible. Our policies in these areas are consistently monitored and reviewed.


We remind our employees of their responsibility to be productive, law abiding members of society, with all employees required to read and sign our Ethical Code of Conduct Policy. As an employer we have instituted 4 day production work weeks enabling our employees to have more quality time off.


Hamilton Safe Company conscientiously adheres to OSHA policy to ensure the best possible conditions for our employee’s health, welfare and safety in their work environment.


As a manufacturer we strive for a large percentage of our products to be manufactured from recycled materials. Our recycling of materials includes: Wood, Cardboard, Steel, Paint Waste, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. Interest in recycling drives the current initiative to meet set standards for “Green” design.


All of our manufacturing plants are outfitted with environmentally friendly electric lighting to reduce energy consumption. Our manufacturing objective is to utilize 85% of our raw material in our manufacturing process, thereby reducing our levels of waste through the use of CNC machinery, laser technology and robotics. We currently divert millions of tons of steel and thousands of pounds of wood and cardboard for recycling.


All of our manufacturing facilities maintain practices, and contain equipment consistent with creating safe working environments such as fire and physical safety equipment, and employee break time to reduce fatigue.


Every contribution is important and provides a number of benefits to both the community and business. Contributing to and supporting CSR does not have to be costly or time consuming and by being more active in our local community, we have seen significant benefits from our involvement such as reduced costs, improved innovation in processes, product and services and improved relationships with the local community and clients.

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