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The HA1000-XLR combines the very best of our two legendary products -- the HA-1000 and HA-45 -- into one modern, robust, stylish and amazing drive-up system. The HA1000-XLR is a drive-up system better than ever before.


Overhead and Downsend Units

  • The HA1000-XLR is perfect for overhead drive-up applications or underground applications with a standard 4.5” tube. Installation is also available to be configured with existing tubing within your location.

Small Footprint with Front Service Access

  • The HA1000-XLR can easily fit tight spaces and narrow islands. Additionally, the service access is from the front of the unit through a key-locked cover so the HA1000-XLR can be placed against a building or structure.
  • Dual user input locations above and below door offers comfort to your costumer in various sized vehicle.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Service

  • With a sleek, weather-resistant grade 304L stainless steel and composite exterior you can count out any rusting, chipping paint or fading.
  • The HA1000-XLR new turbine design offers an integrated air power motor package for easy service access, which will reduce down time during servicing.

Audio and Video Options

  • The HA1000-XLR offers integrated audio including microphone, speaker and call-for-service features which all ensure clear communication. Optional one-way or two-way video mounting is also available.






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